Join Avon Cosmetics UKBecoming an AVON Representative

Would you like to....

Choose your own hours?
Make new friends?
Work from home?
Run your own business?
Work online only?
Get paid weekly?

There are 17 AVON brochures a year, so there's a new brochure every 3 weeks. With different offers to show to your local customers, your family and friends, or perhaps even your work colleagues or your online community.
We produce online brochures for online sellers and paper brochures for door to door retailers

There are two earnings levels - The more you sell the higher discount you will receive.

Distribute catalogues over a three week period to friends, family, work colleagues either online or offline
Distribute catalogues to houses locally.
Collect the orders from your customers
Share your Free online Avon Store and online instant brochure on social media
Collate your orders and place your orders online
AVON sends you the products ordered or orders made in your store are delivered directly to your customers
You collect the money from your customers when you deliver the orders
Then you pay AVON for the goods and keep the rest of the money yourself

For example:- You have a £200 order, AVON will bill you for £150. You collect the £200, pay AVON £150 and the £50 cash remaining is your earnings.
When you sell online only Avon pays you weekly to your bank.

When you start with Avon you choose your starter kit, There are 3 to choose from

When you join, AVON offers training and support to get you started. This is from your independent Sales Leader or Area Sales Manager. Or both!

In addition to all the information we will give you at the initial meeting online, you will receive ongoing support and training.

We will then support you as much as you need either by phone or in person. We are only a phone call away.

Become a member of Avon's President's Club,

You'll reach President's Club status by achieving certain levels of sales through the year. Benefits include, discounts on brochures and beauty products, celebrate your success at annual gala dinners and enjoy recognition lunches. Plus the top 50 Representatives in the UK will win an all expenses paid holiday.